There seems to be a growing number of people who think Spielberg is a candidate to direct Episode 7. I hate to burst bubbles, but I’d be amazed if it happens for a number of reasons.

1) Lucas has spoken of passing Star Wars on to the next generation of film-makers. Spielberg certainly does not fit into that category.

2) I doubt Disney would want someone of Spielberg’s stature directing the films. Disney will want to be firmly at the helm of this project, and hiring someone like Spielberg (or Nolan, or Jackson, or Abrams) could cause clashes.

3) Spielberg himself has just recently said that he’s done with action films. Why would he pledge himself to such a high-profile spectacle as Star Wars?

4) Spielberg will next be directing Robopocalypse for a 2014 release, so he’s certainly not got room in his schedule for a project as big as Episode 7 next year. Nothing’s certain thereafter, but rumours suggest a Moses film is up next, and that’s be a similarly huge undertaking. I just don’t think he’s got the time.

5) I think it’ll be Brad Bird. He’s experienced in directing action (Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol) and has proven ability with character-based storytelling. That he’s well liked by critics, fans and at Disney won’t hurt either.

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